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Tax advice

The firm assists Italian corporations and Italian subsidiaries of foreign companies, providing personalized tax assistance and supporting normal business management activities and their strategic and organizational decisions, in particular:

  • assistance on tax and corporate aspects of extraordinary operations such as:
    • acquisitions / sales of shareholdings, companies and business units;
    • mergers, spin-offs, transfers, transformations and liquidations;
    • listing, privatizations and real estate asset operations;
  • debt restructuring;
  • due diligence activities;
  • advice on direct and indirect taxes, including fiscal and corporate aspects and related opinions;
  • tax issues, verifying the conformity of financial statements with current regulations.

The firm assists multinational companies and Italian industries as well as leading real estate operators on issues relating to the management of corporate groups (combined reporting, Group VAT, ruling procedures, etc.), and, in particular:

  • assistance during tax audits and litigations before the Tax Commission and the Supreme Court;
  • advisory related to tax planning, impact assessment and taxation of extraordinary operations (M&A);
  • assistance in ordinary management (issues related to Transfer pricing, currency regulation, etc.).
  • drafting of opinions, also on controversial questions related to the interpretation of tax laws and application of interpellation aimed to get formal clarification on the extent and the application of tax laws.

The Firm, along with leading international partners, guarantees to its Italian and foreign clients a complete assistance in international tax law matters related to direct taxes, VAT and other indirect taxes, providing primary assistance in international development of business operations and also offering organizational and corporate solutions suited to meet the needs of their company.

Our team assists receivers, curators and liquidators in important insolvency procedures, providing support in the following matters:

  • liabilities assessment;
  • debt restructuring plans, and/or business plans creation;
  • asset and business transfer;
  • preliminary analysis aimed at identifying assets, budget inconsistencies and unrecorded liabilities.

The Firm gained a has assisted clients in the sector since its beginning, and deals provides a full service assistance that covers all aspects of tax operations involving real estate portfolios. In particular, the team developed specific experience in structuring purchase projects, divestiture of real estate, commercial, residential or industrial portfolios through the use of efficient fiscal systems.

The Firm’s professionals are entrusted with corporate positions as board members and auditors in major companies, having the necessary skills as well as the integrity and experience requirements prescribed by the law.